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Dont Buy A Dell Dude

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Helloo I have A Dell Computer I Paid  A Lot of Money For, And Have Had Nothing But Trouble With Sent I Got it. The Video Card  Went Out ,Then The Sound Card Went Out . And The Drive  Went Bad. And the Nice People at Dell Wont Let You Talk to Anyone That Can Speak English! The People You Get For Tech Support  Are In India And Dont Know There Ass From a Camels Hump! And Know Little or No English!  So How The Hell Can They Help Even If They wanted Too  (And Yes I Mean  Even If They Wanted Too!) And  When You Try To Get  A Real USA Tech Person (That You Can Unstand And Unstand You and your Prob) They  Tell You They Cant Do That!  And you Will Never  Ever Get Anyone In Customer Service The Only Person You Get Live at Dell  Is Someone Wanting To Sale You Another  Peice Of Dell Sh*T, Now My Mother Board Is Bad  And Cant Get Anyone At Dell Computers To Help!

So Keep In Mind There Are A Lot  of  Great  Computers Out There  Its just Dell  Is Not One Of Them!!!  Dell Sucks The Big One!!!!!

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